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8th December
written by Phil Thomas

Potts Point is home to numerous good quality eateries, which are no secret to the locals. Yet this Sydney suburb is often overlooked when considered by those in surrounding suburbs. Maybe this is due to the fact that you need to pass along the seedy stretch of Darlinghurst Rd through ‘the Cross’ before rounding the corner, onto Macleay St, to an area that is the polar opposite.

Fratelli Paradiso is one of the trendy restaurants nestled on the corner of Challis Ave and Macleay St. Now in its 5th year, Fratelli; meaning brother in Italian, has no relationship to the’ Fratelli Fresh’ located just up the road. It is sparsely decorated, maybe because there is little light on offer to illuminate the inside, therefore I would encourage trying to get a table outside if it is not to busy so that you can see what you are eating.

The only menu here, apart from the chalkboard inside listing today’s array of meals, is a wine menu that offers a plethora of wines by the bottle and only a handful by the glass. If you’re a red wine drinker then be prepared to get a little tipsy by having a bottle; or settle for their only red wine by the glass. An imported Sardinian birra is also available for those that love their hops.
Unless you are comfortable with going over to the chalkboard and reading above the head of grazing diners (whilst in Italian, it is easily decipherable) then the waiter has memorised it all for you and will narrate it to you with the upmost precision. Some may find that not having a written menu with the amount of choices on offer will leave them confused; however the distinct advantage is that one of the dishes will really jump out and you won’t be continually second guessing your decision as it will be the only one you can remember.

We decided on scampi with spaghetti in a chilli and tomato sauce; and a veal and beef mince tagliatelle. The scampi, as well as having some mixed in with the spaghetti, was grilled and served in its shell that when eaten fell apart in the mouth. The chilli sauce was very mild but complimented the tang that the tomato gave off. The tagliatelle came ‘al dente’ and despite the menu being Pasta heavy, certainly not one for those that are curbing their carbs, the Pasta itself was light leaving enough room for a desert. Whilst we decided against desert on this occasion the table next to us ordered the chocolate tiramisu, which in hindsight, would have topped off an enjoyable meal.

Food: 8
Ambiance: 5
Service: 7

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