1st February
written by Nibblish

I learnt to make Salsa Verde on a BBQ cooking course. It is a really simple sauce that will give your meal an instant boost! It takes 5 minutes to make and goes beautifully with grilled lamb, beef, chicken, prawns or fish…so pretty much anything that goes on the Barbecue!


1 slice bread, crusts removed, chopped
2 cloves fresh garlic
1 tbsp mustard
1 cup parsley leaves
juice from 1/2 lemon
1/3 cup olive oil
Sea Salt and pepper to taste
A few drops of tabasco to taste (optional)


Blend all the ingredients except the oil and Tabasco together. While blending add the oil slowly. Add a small amount of tabasco to taste. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

If you don’t have a blender, you can also chop all the ingredients very finely by hand or mash it in a mortar & pistle. While great as a sauce, it can also be used as a marinate for vegetable or meat skewers. Hopefully a good one for the boys!?

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