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26th January
written by Nibblish
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Fei Jai is relatively new and also very easy to miss spot in the busy dining scene of Potts point’s challis street, but I would really urge you to look up for it and give it a go! I normally tend to avoid traditional Chinese cuisine which I find a bit too oily and heavy for my liking, but the chef at Fei Jai managed to add a really fresh and fragrant modern spin to all traditional Cantonese dishes giving it a whole new flavour. The crab omelette is heavenly light and luscious with it’s creamy folded egg whites and big chunks of blue swimmer crab meat. The pork pancakes are delicious with simple, clean flavours and fresh ingredients.The fish is beautifully poached and soft. Even the sweet & sour pork is surprisingly light & crisp with a delicate tangy flavor from the big chunks of pineapple and lychees. Loved every single dish. I will definitely be back…for the unbeatable crab omelette but also to try everything else on the menu!

The service was a bit rushed and impersonal towards the end but mainly as it got busier through the night. Value wise, it will definitely come across as a bit exy if you compare it to your typical Chinese restaurant, but then again I find it totally justified given the quality of the food and products used.
Food: 8.5
Ambiance: 7.5
Service: 6.5
Price: 7.5

Overall, I would probably give it a 7.5/10 Nibbles!


31 Challis Ave
Potts Points
NSW australia 2011
+61 2 8668 4424

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  1. JJ

    You should add a google map to the blog post so we can see exactly where the restaurant is in Sydney!

  2. Nibblish

    Great idea…thanks for your suggestion! It’s now been added!

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