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5th February
written by Nibblish
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Valentine's Day

When planning a romantic dinner, it’s easy to think of soft music, candlelight and sexy outfit and overlook the importance of romantic aphrodisiac foods! Packed with ingredients popular for their aphrodisiac virtues, this menu will not only be delicious but will also help heat things up and make your night super special! A little bit of creativity with the presentation can also make a big difference and show your loved one how much you care!

Velvety Duck Liver parfait

Duck Liver parfait is the perfect starter to share with your lover. It’s rich, smooth and decadent. Its buttery texture is sure to put you in an indulgent mood. Click here for the full recipe

Romantic presentation tip: replace the sage leaves with heart shaped pieces of red chili!

Pumpkin & Coriander Soup

While pumpkin is most typically associated with lanterns and Halloween, it is historically an aphrodisiac and research shows a scientific connection between pumpkin and seduction! In Ayurveda, coriander is an aphrodisiac, digestive, tonic and coolant. Click here for the full recipe

Romantic presentation tip: serve the pumpkin soup in it’s own skin! To do so, roast the pumpkin before spooning the flesh out and making the soup !


Chocolate contains the “feel good” serotonin and a “love” stimulant called phenyl ethylamine, similar to endorphins that give us a natural high. Caffeine is a famous stimulant for both body and mind, great in preparation for an “all-nighter”! Click here for the full recipe

Romantic presentation tip: use wiped cream to write a romantic message or draw a heart on the plate!

Prepare both the Parfait and Tiramisu the day before and get the soup started early to leave you time to chill and get ready for a great night! Here you go, enjoy…and of course, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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